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Ribeye Roast: Boneless (Prime Rib)

Ribeye Roast: Boneless (Prime Rib)

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dry-aged boneless ribeye roast (also known as prime rib): trimmed and tied, ready to cook at home

black angus raised on pasture at Fischer Farms in Jasper, Indiana

servings depend on how much your party enjoys delicious proteins, but some estimations are

  • About 2 lbs piece, serves 2-3
  • About 3 lbs piece, serves 3-4
  • About 4 lb piece, serves 4-6
  • About 5 lb piece, serves 6-8
  • About 6 lb piece, serves 8-10
  • About 7 lb piece, serves 10+
  • About 8 lb piece, serves 12+